How A Weekend in Chicago Should Be

Is it your first time in Chicago? There are a myriad of exciting things to do in Chicago. Whether you are travelling solo or going with your closest companion, we got you covered.

 Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. Although the United States is surrounded with enormous cities, people still come to Chicago to experience how lively the lifestyle in this city is.  So if you are touring to Chicago for the first-time, here is your guide to Chicago’s can’t-miss travel ideas.

Immerse in the rich culture of Chicago

There are many ways to experience how living in Chicago is. When you get here, take the opportunity to watch a Cubs game from the rooftop, watch award-winning theatre performances, and listen to some classic jazz in the neighborhood. However, if you really want an unforgettable night of fun and laughter, we suggest that you visit The Second City.

Hit all Chicago’s iconic tourist spots

Make sure you drop by the most iconic tourist spots in Chicago and take your most-wanted Instagram pictures. You can check out the Millennium Park Campus or Chicago River Walk. History lovers can enjoy a journey through time at the lakeside Museum Campus. From river cruise to sky-high views, Chicago will never run out of attractions for you to see.

Try Chicago’s best food

Have you tried eating a Michellin-rated restaurant? If your answer is no, then you’ll probably be aching to try it in Chicago. It can be quite expensive to eat in award-winning restaurants but with the right budget, you can actually take your date to one of Chicago’s three-star restaurant Alinea at South Loop or choose between the two-star rated restaurants Oriole and Smyth at West Loop. Nevertheless, you can still get your favorite Chicago classics like hotdogs and deep dish at a cheaper option in many other local restaurants. Of course, don’t forget to try the Garrett mix popcorn, chicken pot pie, the original brownie.

Experience “Home” away from home

Chicago is home to a number of hotels for all types of personalities and lifestyle preferences. From luxury suites to rustic, historical hotels Chicago got you covered. For bookworms, you can check in at “The Publishing House” in the West Loop. Traditional tourists can rest at The Ambassador Chicago in Gold Coast while cool kids can stay the night at Ace Hotel Chicago, another contemporary hotel in West Loop.

When planning a trip to Chicago, don’t forget to check online for great deals. With perfect timing, you can actually catch great deals that will help you have a great travel experience at a great price point.

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