Traveling to Servia – Pro Tips

Serbian Sim Cards

We suggest purchasing a SIM card on the off chance that you have an opened telephone as it will make your life a lot simpler. We composed a manual for buying a SIM card in Serbia on the off chance that you need a nitty gritty record. We paid 300 dinars (generally $3 USD) for a one-week prepaid bundle with 4 gigs of information and 1000 minutes at VIP. We discovered cell administration the nation over to be phenomenal (obviously it’s better in enormous urban areas).


Cab drivers in the Balkans have an awful standing and it’s not totally inappropriate. We got misled by cabbies such a lot of that we even composed a manual for staying away from counterfeit cabs in Sofia.

Be cautious when discussing Kossovo to Serbians

Simply try not to discuss Kosovo with Serbians. Simply tune in and gain from their viewpoint. You may discover things are more convoluted than you anticipate.

Smoking in Serbian Restaurants

Serbia permits smoking in eateries, so make a point to request to be situated in the no smoking segment (where one exists).

Driving in Serbia

Driving in Serbia is easy… for the most part… First the rudiments: you drive on the correct roadside like the remainder of mainland Europe and North America. Driving in Serbia is shockingly charming! The nation has put a ton in keeping up its streets, making driving on the parkway a smooth encounter. Since the nation doesn’t have however many mountains as the majority of its neighbors, you’ll experience less little mountain streets and better expressway perceivability.

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